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Dedicated to the proposition that just as there is a little bit of Elvis in each of us, each goofy hat has a little bit of Fez in it. For the Fez is the KING of goofy hats.

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Now, thanks to the fine folks at alta vista, the House O' Fez is multi-lingual! The translation might be a little funny, but now you can translate us from:

Try some of the translations TO english. They are pretty funny
The House O' Fez is pleased to note that the CDA was declared unconstitutional. Read all about it!

Currently there are 4+ inhabitants of The House o' Fez:

The House O' Fez wasn't always as Fezzy as it is now. Once upon a time it was know as coca cola junction. Not because of any particular overall preference for that beverage, but because of the plethora of antique Coke merchandise it sported.

After the owner of said merchandise moved out Jack Reda turned it into ARPORE productions, a studio for REDAMedia Films.

Matt Arnold moved in and provided an exta extra for Jack's films.

Jack moved out and Glen "Paul" Selser moved in. Glen "Paul" was a veteran of named houses having previously lived in Arnold's House of Burly men and The Fabulous Bungalow (formerly known as "Paul's Fabulous Bachelor Bungalow").

Matt Arnold moved out and to maintain symmetry, Matt Shields moved in. Promptly realizing that the House O' Fez needed to remain Mattless he soon moved back out.

Phil (the guy who can't do his section) moved in in 1997 and has been resisting whatever dark forces drove the others out ever since.

That's the short history. The long history isn't much more exciting, but it is longer.

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UT Enough of this Fez stuff! I want to see the flaming Carrot!

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