Ok. It has taken me ages to get around to typing up something approximating a web page. Don't expect miracles here.

Having survived the "House 'O Fez" for a couple of years now, I figured it is time to write down a few survival notes:

Philip's Top Ten Reasons How Marcus and I Survive Each Other

10. We shop at different grocery stores (me - Safeway. him - Giant) It helps us recognize whose science experiment is whose in the refrigerator.

9. The townhouse has three floors. You can get away if you need to.

8. We have mostly the same hobbies and interests, but to different degrees.

7. Similar circles of friends. They overlap, but no one really detests anyone. I am not sure about Marcus, but I still wonder why Allan Korff will call the house to invite me to do something, hang up, then call back to invite Marcus to the very same thing.

6. As far as the kids (the cats, snake and fish) are concerned: Marcus - Good Cop. Philip - Bad Cop.

5. We can borrow things from one another. (Computer parts and books are the usual suspects)

4. We are rarely moving around at same time of day.

3. No arguing about the bills.

2. We are willing to share.

1. Two doors and a hallway between Marcus's snoring and myself.

 A Field Guide to Marcus and Philip

     When observed in their natural habitat, it is sometimes difficult to sort out Marcus and Philip. Both have way too much stuff (also called crap). Both are into computers and toys (especially electronic). Their reading and viewing habits are similar. Marcus and Philip can both be talked into most any idea (going to the movies, helping someone move, 2 week road trip, buying some electronic toy), both have mothers that leave long rambling messages on the telephone answering machine and there is a valid reason for the Chinese carryout to be on speed dial. However, trained observation has revealed some subtle differences.

     Marcus is the more social creature.  He is the one to plan parties, buy the fog machine, go and hang out with his friends or have dinner with his family. Marcus is the owner of the pets and all save one of the plants. Marcus does not like bananas or chocolate ice cream ("tastes like mud"). His computer games of preference are real time simulations and first person shooters. His favourite holiday is Halloween and plans at least one elaborate costume each year. Long distance calls are usually incoming for Marcus. He is the one with the waterbed and the Palm V organizer.

     Philip is the less social creature. He might attend a party, but probably not. Philip is the one to buy the cut flowers. He will not touch apples and thinks ground turkey is one of weirdest concepts ever conceived. His computer game preference is for turn based simulations . Philip's favourite holiday is also Halloween, but that is because he gets to hand out toys and candy. Philip is usually the one making the long distance phone calls. He is the one with the futon and the Palm III organizer.

Hope that helps you during your next trip to the House 'O Fez.

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