He's Just this guy, you know?

Paul no longer lives at the House o' Fez. He has moved onto new adventures (living alone) and just to prove how tough he is, he has severed all connections to cyberspace! No email or anything! In memorium, the House O' Fez presents the:

Glen, AKA "PAUL" Selser Rogue's Gallery

Here He is as:
A Young ThugAn Older ThugAn Army Thug
A Suave ThugAnd a Smug Thug

(Paul as the model for a card
by Lee Moyer)
Paul on a card
(Select card above to see a close up)

Lee Moyer

The artist who stuck Paul on some Collectable Tradeing Cards he drew. This is what Paul had to say about him:

Born Vladamir Snezukoff Lee Moyer was bred from birth to be the ultimate sleeper agent. Placed in under the name Moyer, he and his family of KGB agents infiltrated Washington D.C. Society. His speciality was drawing pictures with hidden subliminal socialist messages. Figuring that computers were the future of America he set his red talons into the science fiction fan-boy market. Posing as a suffering artist he fed his Marxist and dirty leftist philosophy to the unknowing thralls of patriotic fandom. His plan was eventually foiled by agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. in the infamous "Naughty Henry Affair" at Balticon 91. But defeat did not deter his resolve! Now teamed up with fellow agent and wife Natasha "Annaliese" Pop-in-fresh he and his fellow spies wait to spring there next master plan. Fellow Americans beware!

That's all we have for Paul! The only thing to do now is return to the house o' fez