That's me Halloween of '95. I don't always look like that but if I had my druthers, everyday would be Halloween. I love putting on costumes. In '94 I set a new personal record with three separate costumes for three separate events.

Want to see what I look like every other day of the year?

Here are pictures of me when I was doing the daily grind at a large corporation A picture of mkpat work and the rest of the time A picture of mkp

I've also got a picture from a wedding I attended a while ago.

I used to have a sentance here that said something like "I'm a 29 year old computer geek who after 9 months still hasn't gotten around to putting anything interesting on my personal home page." When I last went to update this page, I was 32! It was out of date by three years! The computer geek part still hasn't changed but I'm way too cool (cool in this case is defined as lazy) to be bothered with changing it every year, so I'm now amending it to say:

I was born on March 31st, 1967 in Honalulu, Hawaii. (you do the math)

My father worked for the Department of State and as a result, I grew up in a number of contries. When I wasn't in some foreign land, I lived in Vienna, VA. I now live about 2 miles from that house so, while I have crossed the globe several times, I ultimatly didn't make it very far from home.

I don't travel nearly us much now, and when I do, I don't usually document the trips well, but I do have the story of one adventure here.

Currently, I am the webmaster, VP of Technology (and any other titles I want to invent) for International Information Services, a technology consulting firm. This means I get to sit in front of my computer all day in my jammies, a situtation to suits me (if not my waistline) wonderfully. Working at home is the best!

In lieu of interesting content, I also used to have the bookmark file from my job at Northern Telecom (where I spent 5 mind numbing years doing tech support and systems admin). The idea was you might look at the book mark list and get an idea about my interests from them. I'm sure that a majority of the links are stale and I'm not sure how much they represent me but there is nothing worse than going back to a page for information and finding that the author has arrogantly removed what you are looking for. So, in the interest of historical accuracy, here is that original page.

I have the usual computer geek ecclectic range of tastes and interests.

My strong passions wax, wane and otherwise vary over time but a few of the interests that I keep coming back to are:

Cosmic Encounter
The warp is Jack Reda's diffinative CE page featuring a few bits by me. If you play CE be sure to check it out. If you don't, find someone who has it or go to the online version and learn! CE is the best board game ever made. It combines enough complexity to attract the hard core gamer with the social aspects of party games like Pictionary and Trivial Pursuit. Everyone and their date can play!

The Macintosh
While I love futzing with computers, when I need to get something done I don't want to be thinking about the computer instead of the task. My first computer was an apple IIe my father bought me for my 16th birthday and it made a huge difference in my life. I do all my work on a mac. It's fast, simple, reliable and powerfull.

I recently went to San Jose and while I was there, did the geek tourist thing and went to the apple campus to have my picture taken. While there I stoped at the apple store and bought myself a "think different" baseball cap. As related elsewhere, I have a large head and have never been able to wear most hats. Leave it to apple to make a baseball cap that fits my odd head.

I used to believe I was an apple guy (with a brief flirtation with an amiga 500) but now I realize that I'm really an anti-windows guy. Linux taught me that. It also taught me that computers don't need to crash all the time and that there is nothing enherently wrong with the PC platform. Linux too, has changed my life. You can see an example of how linux can re-vitalize old equipment at the amazing fezcam.

I like to shoot my freinds
I read a lot. I was slow to start (my first grade teach told my mother that I would never be very bright or read much) but after years of stubbornly refusing to read, I stopped telling my mother "this is silly" and discovered the joys of reading. The first book I read was E.B. White's "The Trumpet of the Swan" and soon after that I picked up "Watership Down." It took me a long time to finish it and I still have a residual suspicion of books in general, so I just re-read it a few times. A large percentage of my life since has been spent reading. Mostly hard science fiction.

I keep a salt water aquarium and usually have one or two fresh water tanks around.
Recently I had the opportinity to appear in and work on the set of "Divine Intervention", Jack Reda's latest film. It was very fun and I can't wait to appear in the Internet Movie Database. I urge everyone to surf on over to Redamedia and read all about it. Sign up for the mailing list while you are there.
In case you missed them, a few other things of interest on the House' O Fez are the long history, the list of hats, and... well, I guess that's it.
That's all we have for Marcus and boy was it boring. Maybe we should get him to lists his socks! No wait, that's been done. See the Useless WWW Pages. I guess the only thing to do now is return to the house o' fez